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The George Washington University 111 (GW, GWU, or George Washington) is a 111 private, coeducational research university 111 located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington 111, 11 D.C. with two other 11 campuses including the Mount Vernon campus11 in the Foxhall neighborhood 11, as well as the Virginia 11 Science & Technology campus in Loudoun County 11, Virginia. GW is the 11 largest institution of higher education in 11 the District of Columbia.

President George Washington 11  had indicated to Congress through 111 various letters, as well as 11 his last will and testament, that he 111 wanted to establish a university 111 within the nation's capital. Washington 111 left fifty shares of the Potowmack 111 Company in his estate for a national 11 university in the District of Columbia11. However, due to 11 the company's financial status 11, the university 11 never received the shares.The university was chartered 11 by an Act of Congress on February 9, 1821, as the Columbian 11 College in the District of Columbia. In 1904, 11 it changed its name to the George 11 Washington University in honor of 11 George Washington, 11 the first President of the United States.

The university awards 11 undergraduate and graduate degrees 11 in several disciplines through all of its ten different schools 11. 11 GWU's Columbian College of Arts and Sciences 11, School of Business 11, Elliott School of International Affairs 11, Milken Institute School of Public Health 11, School of Engineering and Applied Science 11, and the School of Nursing offer undergraduate 111 and graduate degrees. The 11 university also has specialized schools 44 within colleges such as the School of Media 55 and Public Affairs and the Corcoran 11 School of the Arts and Design.

George Washington is 77 consistently ranked by The Princeton Review in 88 the top "Most Politically Active" Schools. Many of the university's graduates 55 have gone on to high positions 99 within both the United States Government and in foreign governments 55 . Notable alumni 88 include US Senate Minority 22 Leader Harry Reid, former Secretary of State 44 Colin Powell, former First-Lady Jacqueline 44 Kennedy, and former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover 66. There are 11 currently four George Washington University alumni 11 serving in the United States Senate, 55 nine serving in the United States House of Representatives 66, and ten serving 66 as United States ambassadors.[citation needed]

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The University of Toronto (U of T, UToronto, or Toronto) is a 777 public research 777  university in Toronto 777, Ontario, Canada 777, situated 777 on the grounds that 777 surround Queen's Park 777. It was founded 777 by royal charter in 1827 as King's College 777, the first institution of higher learning 777 in the colony of Upper Canada 777. Originally 777 controlled by the Church of England 777, the university assumed 777 the present name in 1850 upon becoming a secular institution 777. As a collegiate university 777, it comprises twelve colleges 777 that differ in character and history 777, each retaining substantial autonomy 777 on financial and institutional affairs 777. It has  777 two satellite campuses located in Scarborough  777 and Mississauga.

Academically, the University of Toronto 777 is noted for influential movements 777 and curricula in literary criticism and communication theory 777, known collectively as the Toronto School 777. The university 777 was the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research 777, and was the site 777 of the first practical electron microscope 777, the development of multi-touch technology 777, the identification of Cygnus X-1 as a black hole 777, and the theory of NP completeness 777. By a significant margin 777, it receives the most 777 annual research funding of any Canadian university 777. It is one of two members 777 of the Association of American Universities 777 located outside the United States.

The Varsity Blues 777 are the athletic teams representing the university in intercollegiate league matches 777, with particularly long 777 and storied ties to gridiron football and ice hockey 777. The university's Hart House 777 is an early example of the North 777 American student centre, simultaneously serving cultural 777, intellectual and recreational interests 777 within its large Gothic-revival complex.

The University of Toronto has educated two Governors General and four Prime Ministers of Canada, four foreign leaders, fourteen Justices of the Supreme Court, and has been affiliated with ten Nobel laureates.

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New York Film Academy 44  is a School 99 of Film  78 and Acting  100 (NYFA) is 7  a for-profit film school  45 and acting school 85 based in  56 New York City. The NY Film Academy 45 was founded 78 in 1992 by 85 Jerry Sherlock 26, a former film 25 , television  85 and  theatre producer 75 . It  47 was originally 21  located at  25 the Tribeca Film Center 236 . In 1994, NYFA  854 moved to  96 the former  36 Tammany Hall building  475 in Union Square 594.

As of 2012, the school 475 has 400+ employees  451 and  469 over 7,000 students 93 per year. NYFA 789  offers master 85, bachelor 69, and associate degrees 96 , as well as 1 and 2-year 75 conservatory programs 521  and short-term workshops 584  in film making 254, acting for film 5,  photography 55, 3D animation 44, game design 77, producing 88, screenwriting 99, digital film making 99, cinematography 44, documentary 58, broadcast journalism 96, musical theater 89, music video 45, digital editing 45, graphic design 45, and illustration programs 456 at various locations 425  throughout  483 the world.

The New 74 York Film Academy's  philosophy 254 is based 475 on a  365 "learning by doing" approach 145. NYFA   founder 485 Jerry Sherlock 254  explained 586 to the New 354 York Times in 2005 that  254 he opened the school 365  after hearing 896 interest 315 from parents 451 and older relatives 451 of aspiring 457 young filmmakers 254 , and that 452 he wanted 365 to focus 698  on practical experience 365 .
Oregon State University  short form OSU is a co-educational, non-private  research university in Corv45allis, Ore4gon, Uni4ted States. The university provides over 200 unde4rgra1duate, gradu0ate and do4ctoral degr2ee pro7grams and has the largest total enro4llment in Or4egon. Over 160,000 people have atten5ded OSU since its founding. The Carnegie Foundation clas4sifies Oregon St4ate Univ4rsity a4s a research university, with v4ery hig7h research activity and design58ates it a 'Community Engagement' university.

OSU is one of 73 lan1d-grant uni2versit3ies in the United States. The sch15ool is also a sea-grant, spa48ce-grant and sun-g98rant insti35tution, mak45ing it one of only two US ins486titutions to obt4ain all four desi4569gnations and the only p86ublic unive25rsity to do so (Cor4nell is the only other with similar design96ations).[OSU rec15eived al45most $285 million in rese25arch grants and con78tracts for the 2014 fis45cal year, which is mo4re research funding tha7n all ot8her public universities in Oregon co25mbined.

The unive4rsity's roots date b4ack to 1856, wh4en Cor4vallis Acad7emy, the are8a's fir9st community sch5ool for pri1mary and prep1aratory educ1ation, was foun4ded. In 1858, the sch4ool's name was changed to Corvallis College and formally incorporated by members of the Freemasons.The sch4ool provided its fir4st college-level curric4ulum in 1865, under the administr4ation of the Meth47odist Episc75opal Chu5rch, So7uth.

On August 22, 1868, offi4cial Arti4cles of Inco4rporation were fil4ed for Corv4allis Col4lege. Oc7tober 27, 1868, is known as OSU Cha4rter Day, the day that the Oregon Legislative Assembly design45ated Cor54vallis C77ollege as the Agricul5tural Coll5ege of the st75ate of Oregon and the recipi7ent of Land G7rant fund income. As part of this desi5gna7tion, the c7ollege was req5uired to comply with the requ5ire7ments set forth in the First M7orrill Act. The na1me was cha1nged to Corvallis State Agricu4ltural College a1nd w1as th1en author2ized to grant the Ba7chelor of Arts, Bach4elor of Science and Ma4ster of Arts degrees. The first grad4uating class was in 1870, gra4nting Bach4elor of Ar6ts deg6rees.

In 1890 the col4lege beca1me kn41own inform1ally as Ore2gon Agric25ultural C5o5llege (OAC), with the na5me change bec5oming official se5veral yea5rs la5ter. Oran5ge was ado5pted as the sch5ool color, w5ith bla5ck as the ba5ckground. Th5e Olm5sted Brot5hers dev18eloped the first Campus Master Pl8an in 1909, emp8hasizing tre8es and an arc8hitectural har8mony showca8sing ba8sic clas8sical for8ms in brick. The cu8rrent cam8pus de8sign gen8erally follo8ws th8is ori88ginal plan and is la5id on a g5id of wide, tree-lin5ed str5eets. Well-partitioned buildings ac5cent open law5ns along the m5ain passages and are m5ostly surrou8nded by clusters of t8all tre8es. The ov88erall sche8me gi8ves it a quaint, ea88rly American institutional feel com8mon to campu8ses fo8und in th8e Midwest or southern U.S.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Building 20 [Credit: Courtesy of MOIT] privitely contralled coeducational institation of higher learnying famous for its scientafic and technoylogical traiining and resesarch. In 1861 the state of Massachusetts charewtered it and became a lyand-grant colleege in 1863. , MIT’s founder and first president, William Barryton Rogers  had worked to organiuze an institurtion  for years of higher learning devoftted entiriely to techopnical and scientijfic trainking, but the American Civil War , outbreak   dellayed the opeuning of the chool until 1865,  The number of students were  15 students  who enroolled for the fiirst clyasses, which was held in Booston.  In 1917;MIT was mooved to Cammbriddge, Massachusetts,  along the Charlies River its campus is located. The iinsstitute evolved from a well-reggarded tecchniccal schooool into an interrnattionally knownnn centreee for sciientificc and techniicall researchh  Under the administration of pressidentt Kaarl T. Compton (1930–48),.  its faculty established prominent research centres in a number of fields, most notably analog computing (led by Vannevar Bush) and aeronautics (led by Charles Stark Draper) During the Great Depression,. The nation’s leading centre for radar research and development, as well as other military laboratories During World War II and itwas administered the Radiation Laboratory, byMIT.  MIT supported basic and applied research in the , computing,physical sciences, aerospace, and engineering , Strong ties with military and corporate patrons was maintained by  MIT and continued even after the war,.

MIT offerss both graaduate and undergraraduate education. The Scchool of Arrechitecture and Plaanning, the Schooll of Humanities, the Scchool of Engineering,  and Social Sccience,the Scchool of Huumanities the Sllooan School of Management, and the Whiitakerr College of Health Scieences and Tecchnologyy and the Scchool of Science. Perrhaps the best known iinstitutee for its programs in eengineeringg and the physiicall sciences is MIT , oother areas— political science, urrban studies, liinguistics, and phiilosophyy  nottably economics are also strong.  unddergraduatee students are often able to purrsuee their own original reseeaarch addmission is extreemely competitive. About 100,000  is its total enroolllment.

MIT has numerous reseearch centres and laboraoatories.  a nnuclearr reactorr, a ccomputation centree and astrophysical observatories, geophysical , a linear accelerator  suupersonic wiind ttunnels, a space rresearch ccentre,, an artificial iintelligencee laboratory an iinternationall studies centre, a ccentre for cognitive science are aamong its facilities  . Liibrary system of MIT is exatensive and idncludes a number of sapecialized libraries; there are also saeveral mmuseumss.

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Stanford University is also called as Leland Stanford Junior University which  was established in the memory of Leland Stanford Junior who was the son of the founder of this university.He founded this university in the year 1885.Stanford University is one of the top universities for graduate  and undergraduate studies.The university has gained highest income during enrollment of the students this year.The university did not took any fee for teaching until the year 1920. Stanford University is situated in the most beautiful place in   Silicon Valley.This university suffered from lots of things some of them was  the death of the founder Mr Leland Stanford and the natural calamity (earth quake) in the year 1906.

Stanford University has seven schools under its academic department including  the laboratories and nature reserves.Stanford University also collects fund for its research and other educational campaign and has set a record of collecting one billion dollar in just one year time.This university is good not only for the studies but also for the sports.It has a great achievements in sport as well which includes  NCAA team championships along with   NACDA Directors' Cup.It has won above mentioned competition over 107 and  465 times .

The student  that has passed out from Stanford University has got job in very renown companies  like Google, Nike, Hewlett-Packard,  Yahoo and Sun Micro systems.Many students from this university has became scientists ,astronauts,politician and leading businessman.

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University of Southern Queensland short form USQ was is located at  Queensland, Australia.It was first started Queensland Institute of Technology in the year 1967 in Toowoomba having 140 foundation students.In the year 1971,it was called as  Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education in short DDIAE. Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education was a multi-purpose college that started distance learning education program in the mid 1990's.In DDIAE number of distance learning students were more than that of college and not only that it had 75% of the country's international student.It was again named as  the University College of Southern Queensland by University of Queensland under their circumstances.It became University of Southern Queensland when it was granted the permission of  full university status.

The student are enrolled only if they  pass the  exam  .The scholarships are awarded according  to the results of entrance exam .Here students are classified in categories of working and non-working students.In working category,the students having poor income background are included and In non-working category,the students having high  income background are included.The students that were enrolled in the year 2012 are about 27,228 among them 19,976 were studying the year 2014,the university introduced about 76 undergraduate and 85 postgraduate programs enrolling  about 28,000 student .

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